Belarus President warns about rational spending of national budget

Belarus President warns about rational spending of national budget

The geography of today's issue is extensive. There will be Spain and even its former colony in South America. But overseas themes, with all the exotic nature and the importance, only complement the picture of the world. The main focus is on the events in Belarus, the events with the participation of the President.

Leonid Anfimov takes part in virtually every significant meeting of the President. If he speaks, then God help the person he speaks about. But now we are talking about the work of the State Control Committee itself. For about a month, controllers were controlled by the Prosecutor General's Office. All the results of the inspection are on the President's desk.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus has no closed topics and there cannot be one. Everyone is equal before the law, so we periodically review the work of senior officials and their activities. Such things as, for example, corruption in the activity of the State Control Committee, the superficial attitude (and we have such facts) should not take precedence and be the basic facts in the activities of the State Control Committee. I just want you to understand what the State Control Committee is. First of all, you are the central body. And you must be almost saints.

The meeting of the President was attended by heads of all the regulatory agencies of Belarus. The issue of the reform in the State Control Committee was raised by the head of state several times. It is time to sum up the interim results.

The State Control Committee is one of the pillars of the Belarusian model of statehood. In the mid-1990s, crowds of Belarusians wanted a reception with the young President in search of truth. Now Belarus has built a vertical working with people, but there are new, mainly economic threats. To identify them even on a preventive level is the task for regulators.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Efficient spending of each budget ruble is a guarantee of our country's security. Life forces us to count every penny, and be as efficient as possible. Today, a number of bodies are involved in the suppression of the inefficient use of public funds. But above all this is the field of responsibility of the Committee of State Control.

The message of the President was as follows: if you want to change the world of economic expenditures, it is necessary to start with controllers themselves. To optimize all supervisory authorities is another task since sometimes the functions of a number of controlling bodies overlap.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We need to know the measure of things to act carefully and fairly. If we see mistakes, minor violations, these fines or penalties must not lead to the collapse and liquidation of enterprises, which have replenished the budget with taxes for years.

The main reference point for the State Control Committee should be strategic audit.

Leonid Anfimov, chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
I would call it [the checkup of utilities services in 2015] a strategic test, which revealed a lot of untapped reserves in the system of housing and communal services, which will reduce the cost of services significantly.

To eradicate unnecessary business checks, the Belarus President is ready for drastic measures. The head of state reminded once again about this last week appointing new State Control Committee officials.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Cancel everything and introduce only those norms in the areas (health, fire) that are needed. If, God forbid, something happens, we will increase the responsibility of top managers. If a fire happened and people died, you will go to jail. How else? If you do not want checks, we will not check. But you will be held accountable if something happens. I think it will be more effective.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the number of State Control Committee audits has decreased by 10 times. But their effectiveness did increase. Now the criterion of work of all state control agencies in Belarus is quality indicators.

To harmonize the checking process, an algorithm of nine positions will be created.

Leonid Anfimov, chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The main purpose is not to reveal an offense but act in a preventive way. Supervisory bodies must not interfere in the work of business entities through the powers given by the law.

Exact terms of creating a new version of the system of state control have not been set, but the task should be handled quickly.