Mikhail Morgulis: Trump said Belarus' WWII feat deserves respect


Mikhail Morgulis: Trump said Belarus' WWII feat deserves respect

Mikhail Morgulis, political scientist, writer, theologian, founder of the spiritual concept of diplomacy, Honorary Consul of Belarus in the State of Florida (USA) has given an interview with the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

For Belarusian audience it is very difficult to understand what the electoral system in the United States looks like. Why does it happen that the majority voted for Clinton but it was Trump who won? Who are the electors? How to explain it simply?

Mikhail Morgulis:
In simple words, millions of people vote consciously or unconsciously. This time, they voted for Trump - it's a miracle, because Mrs. Clinton has more money and her team was more professional. This time it all depended on a single state - the state is where I live.

Florida, traditionally a democratic state, voted for Trump, for a Republican, this time.

Electors are also elected by people. And electors are responsible for the election of the president, that is, they count the number - it looks like something is not quite logical. In fact, internally, it is logical. Electors express their opinion and I think it was very fair, it was all right. Indeed, Trump is a man who will go down in history as a person, who, against all logic, despite all the money, despite professionalism, did win this vote.

Obama's decisions and policy in general were not always supported by everyone in the USA.

Mikhail Morgulis:
The United States 40 years ago and America today is two different things, this is inflation and so on, but still people's lives are at a high level. But the fact is that this accumulated fatigue from sudden political decisions... People felt it and... you know, what you feel can be not only rational but more like intuitive.

We have lost that healthy American spirit.

Mr. Obama and his liberal ideas are to blame for the loss of that healthy American spirit, which allowed everyone to realize their talent in life.

This is what Trump voiced.

Mikhail Morgulis:
Yes, he voiced it. And people felt it. You don't notice it at once, it comes gradually. In my article, Belarusian Gradualism, I say that reforms are needed in each country, including in Belarus. But there are soft reforms, when changes happen not suddenly, without bloodshed, without barricades. Belarusians know what war is: bloodsheds and loss of lives, Khatyn and so on...

Belarus should not, like any country, turn into a place of battle of human emotions and political views.

This is a country that knows what pain and loss of blood and tears mean. Belarus goes its own way.

Michael, you will record an interview with the United States' Chargé d'Affaires in Belarus. You do a great job for our country. Surprisingly, it is probably very effective. Will the relationships between the United States and Belarus change? Because we see ourselves at all times in the spectrum of relations between Russia and the United States.

Mikhail Morgulis:
I think that the Trump victory is, to some degree, the victory of Belarus. Here is an example: during the meeting with Mr. Trump and his wife in Sarasota, when he heard that Belarus is a country that lost every third person in WWII, he said:

"A country that suffered such losses is always worthy of love and respect, compassion and assistance."

His pragmatic mind of a businessman cannot be fooled by deductive beautiful effusions. I think he knows, after all, that Belarus, although a small country, nevertheless, is a gateway between East and West. Belarus is traditionally connected with Russia and everyone knows it. No one demands the break in relations. We just need to establish ties with everyone in this world.

Mikhail, you will go to Ukraine after this interview to take part in various television programs and talk shows. One can hear the opinion that Ukraine will have it the most difficult under this president.

Mikhail Morgulis:
Sure. Of course, it will be more difficult. Because under Democrat Obama, declarations "We are for democracy" were crucial. It was fashionable to say: "We are for Ukraine. We support a regime that leads to the happiness of man. It leads to freedom."

But what did this freedom give? The country is full of thugs, full of blood.

So there is no need to fight for democracy in Ukraine or in the whole world. You just need to waste less money and give it to people instead. Give money for projects that are really necessary. When will quality roads come to Ukraine, when will corruption end? There's no trust. I think even under Trump, Ukraine will still have it difficult if it does not eradicate heavy that terrible corruption.