Belarus President comments on Trump support


Belarus President comments on Trump support

On December 15, the Belarus President made a number of appointments: from the local vertical to representatives of the diplomatic corps. The President agreed to appoint some heads of universities, executive committees, government organizations and the media.

Igor Karpenko was appointed Minister of Education. Prior to this, he for many years worked in the Minsk City Executive Committee. He was responsible for socio-political and socio-cultural activities and supervised education. However, his attention was focused on the issues and problems of Minsk. Now he will be responsible for the whole country. A teacher by training, he knows what to do.

Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
It is a question of improving the quality of the content of education at different levels, ranging from schools to universities. This is also the question of the sixth school day and the issues of labor education.

Valery Malashko is now in the hands of the social sphere: appointed Minister of Labor and Social Security.

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Two new deputy chairmen were appointed to the State Control Committee: Alexander Kurlypo and Vladimir Kukharev.

Alexander Kurlypo, deputy chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The President gave instructions to the State Control Committee to remain an effective structure. The committee must be honest and work efficiently.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As for my assistants (they are inspectors in the regions). Staffing issues are among the most important. You have to actively intervene in the work of any staff. Not directly, but through the Governor. Prompt, help, in any case, you can't replace governors. But try to play a common game with governors. Do not walk behind them.

As for Gomel. You need to somehow raise from the level at which you are sitting today. You have Gomselmash and similar large enterprises - these are Belarusian brands. But how they work is not acceptable.

Two assistants to the President were appointed: the Chief Inspector for the Brest and Minsk regions.

There have been some changes in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I do not need to give you any instructions, because you know better than me what to do there. Well, it is very important for us to build relationships with the new US administration.

But it is not necessary to be intrusive.

If Americans have interest in us, they too will look for us. We have stated our position that we are not against this. This is an empire, a leading country in the world, we must have good relations with it. 

But don't run ahead of the locomotive and promise something we will never be able to fulfill.

Belarus was probably the most ardent supporter of Trump. Yes, we took a stance and we did not deviate from it. We sincerely and honestly held this position. Be it some Petrov or Sidorov in place of Trump, we'd still support him. Because attitude to him in the USA was wrong.

It is a violation of all norms and principles of democracy, this is why I reacted to it in this way.

In Austria it is easier, because we've had good contacts with them since the Soviet times.

Chief of the American department of the Foreign Ministry in the past, Oleg Kravchenko will now be the deputy minister. He replaced Alena Kupchyna, who will become an ambassador to Austria.

Today, Belarus and Austria are becoming closer to each other economically.

The sides are actively implementing joint projects in the construction industry, production of equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry, transport and logistics. Alena Kupchyna knows that country like no other. She will also be Belarus' ambassador to Croatia.

Alena Kupchyna, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the Republic of Austria with concurrent accreditation in the Republic of Croatia:
Austria is friendly towards Belarus, it is among the top five investors in the Belarusian economy. I believe that this investment cooperation will be the main direction on which I will concentrate my efforts.

Alexander Yaroshenko will be responsible for Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone. Alexander Yaroshenko spoke with Chinese partners as deputy minister of economy. The "Pearl of the new Silk Road" should prove its worth.

Alexander Lukashenko:
This is an essential enterprise. For me it is more important than your job as a deputy minister. You know what we need there. The park "Great Stone" means modern technologies. We do not need warehouses there, we need enterprises, from any country.

Belarus has signed recently over 50 agreements that confirm intentions on cooperation within the industrial park project. Quantity must become quality.

Alexander Yaroshenko, head of the State Institution "Administration of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park", Industrial Park "Great Stone":
The President set a task to implement this project to the largest possible extent. So that we have companies there that could provide us with a certain economic breakthrough in terms of technology. I mean innovative enterprises.