Belarus President notes need to relax checks of businesses

Belarus President notes need to relax checks of businesses

New faces have appeared in some departments and the State Control Committee. Alexander Lukashenko gave his consent to the appointment of heads of local executive committees, representatives of the diplomatic corps, universities, government organizations and the media.

The Ministry of Education will now be headed by Igor Karpenko, who previously held the post of Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The ministry of education faces many challenges. Among them is curriculum adjustment, the issue of the sixth school day, and the improvement of the quality of education.

Valery Malashko became the new Minister of Labour and Social Security.

According to the President, Mr Malashko will have to pay attention primarily to salaries and the improvement of the pension system.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have set specific tasks. In particular, the development of new textbooks, maybe leave out something or introduce in Russian and Belarusian literature, remove some secondary school courses. You perfectly know my requirements on school days. On Saturday, students do God knows what. This is not a day off, it's another day. Unfortunately, my instructions have not been realized. You will have to do it.

As for the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus. It is a very important ministry. We have the biggest problem here - people's dissatisfaction on certain issues. You know them: ranging from low salaries, imperfect pension system. Every idea coming from authorities should be explained to people. So I made the choice - Mr Malashko. He knows people's problems well. He sees all the flaws. You have to be open and honest, you have to stand on some point of view. Especially because you know very well conceptually in which direction to act. If times have changed much and we need some concepts, then we must change the concept, just write to me. We will sit down and discuss it.

The changes affected law enforcement agencies.

Ivan Podgursky became the first deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - chief of the criminal police.

The head of state also gave his consent to the appointment of prosecutors of the Vitebsk and Grodno regions.

As the President noted, new managers need to pay attention to the need to overcome the bureaucracy and eliminate corruption.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In the near future, we will take very serious decisions. We have already agreed with the President's Administration (its leadership will be formed in the near future), we will return to de-bureaucratization and extra checks on the ground. Wwe have these standards in the field of sanitation, fire control, veterinary medicine and other things, there are standards and requirements that make is difficult to open and start the business. Therefore, most likely, we will make a decision to put an end to all this and to introduce only the really necessary standards in such areas as health, fire safety and so on.

You have to help me to cut this Gordian knot once and for all, so that businessmen, entrepreneurs, people who bring us money in the budget don't say it's hard for them to work.