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MZKT tank transporters being tested in UAE

Tank transporters made by Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT) are being test-driven in the UAE. The vehicles were made by a special order. This is the principle, according to which the company now operates.

In the case of the United Arab Emirates, we are talking about a long-term contract. It provides for the delivery of various machinery. The exact amount and timing of deliveries will be known after testing.

Igor Letov, General Director of OAO Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant:
Two tactical vehicles have completed testing. They have a positive feedback. It remains to wait when the reviews will grow into a contract.

MZKT today produces unique machinery, which is exported to about 20 countries. Every year the company introduces some innovations while retaining the production base.

MZKT tank transporters being tested in UAE