Young Belarusian athletes get annual scholarship of $3,500


Young Belarusian athletes get annual scholarship of $3,500

On December 14, the Belarus National Olympic Committee awarded scholarship certificates of the President's Sports Club. 210 young talents - the athletes and coaches who have already proved themselves in the sport of high achievements - will receive financial incentives in 2017.

Among scholars are promising athletes such as: biathlete Darya Blashko, tennis player Vera Lapko and skater Ignat Golovatyuk.

All in all, about 40 laureates of the Presidential Sports Club rose to the highest step of the podium at major international competitions.

Dmitry Lukashenko, chairman of the Central Council of the National State and Public Association "President's Sports Club":
You are the embodiment of the present stage of our country. You are young, promising, talented and ambitious. Your successes will certainly become an important historical mark in the development of Belarusian sports school. Do not let us down!

The average size of the scholarships is more than $3,500 a year. The Presidential Sports Club has given such support for more than 10 years. Famous Belarusian athletes in different years became laureates. Among them are Melitina Stanyuta, Nadezhda Skardino and Anton Kushnir.

Zalina Sidakova, Wrestling World Championship silver medalist:
This is very prestigious and honorable for Belarusian athletes. It gives extra motivation. And we will prove it with the results. We will fight for Belarus as hard as we can.