Belarus' Radon health resort known worldwide for radon waters


Belarus' Radon health resort known worldwide for radon waters

The health resort Radon has won the prestigious international award "Choice of the Year". This sanatorium is one of the best health resorts of Belarus, which is famous for radon waters. Their curative properties are not inferior to the well-known sources of Georgian resorts.

This award is won by the Belarusian health resort for the second year in a row.

Leonid Karpishevich, chief medical officer, sanatorium Radon:
Sanatorium Radon is a modern resort complex. It is currently the only resort in Belarus that uses natural radon waters.

The famous radon baths with mineral water are the main choice of tourists from Russia, the Baltic States, Spain, Italy and even Australia.

Nikolai Minko, deputy chief medical officer:
This laser correction. Currently we are in the middle of cutaneous rejuvenation. This is the only resort of the Republic of Belarus that boasts this equipment.

Another feature of Radon is Amber Room, where people are treated with ionized air.

In the center stands a red-hot bowl of stones, they're also on the floor and walls.

Galina Buro, CTV:
Amber stones affect biologically active points of your feet and thus regulate the whole body.

Radon generally offers hundreds of procedures.

Hospital staff can be hired only if they have the highest and first medical categories.

Excellent cuisine and quality accommodation will not leave you indifferent. Thousands of people come here for treatment, rest and relaxation amidst beautiful nature.