President: Belarus for resolving conflicts peacefully, at negotiating table only


President: Belarus for resolving conflicts peacefully, at negotiating table only

There are new persons among the foreign envoys to Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko received credentials of heads of diplomatic missions of Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Finland, France, Eritrea and Estonia.

For the first time after the 13-year break, taking part in the ceremony was the Ambassador of Canada.

Among the diplomats was a representative of the Catholic Church. The Apostolic Nuncio handed the President the symbolic message.

By the way, Belarus has been pursuing multi-vector policy for a number of years. Today, welcoming the ambassadors, the President of Belarus expressed his hope that the new heads of diplomatic missions will not be mere observers, but better be active participants in the expansion of practical ties between the countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We export more than 50% of domestically produced goods. We are proud of fundamentally new areas of economic activity - nuclear energy, space and biochemical technologies and technologies in the military-industrial complex. In the international arena, modern Belarus is perceived as a reliable and predictable partner.

It is no coincidence that it is increasingly associated with the "island of stability" in the region, professing such values ​​as exceptional peacefulness and safety. We are always in favor of the resolution of conflicts in a civilized way, at the negotiating table. Without the use of military force, without exerting political and economic pressure.

Today, Minsk has become a significant platform for the settlement of regional crises. In September 2016, we formed a new composition of the National Assembly of Belarus. I think this is a serious reason for us to think about the expansion of inter-parliamentary cooperation. I hope you will play an important role in the dialogue of the legislative branches of our countries.

Most ambassadors have great experience of diplomatic work in other countries. They have great interest in forthcoming work in Minsk, too. Moreover, diplomats note that the potential of the relations between their countries and Belarus is yet untapped, and its development is one of the fundamental tasks for the near future.