Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren comes to Belarus

Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren comes to Belarus

World famous American actor, film director, screenwriter and producer Dolph Lundgren is visiting Belarus.

On Sunday, December 11, Dolph Lundgren visited the office of the Game Stream company in Minsk.

Game Stream posted a picture in which the company director stands together with the famous guest. The public found out about the arrival of the famous actor from social networks.

Yesterday, Dolph posted a short video on Instagram, in which he wrote: 'Arrived n Belarus with the bottle tree!!'

Later, a Belarusian air carrier posted another photo of Lundgren with a stewardess.

In the photo next to Dolph Lundgren is Ekaterina Glinskaya.

According to some reports, the actor will star in a commercial for a renowned Belarusian company Wargaming.

The filming will take four days. In August, Steven Seagal came to Belarus at the invitation of the same company.

It is assumed that Dolph Lundgren will stay in Belarus until the end of next week. The organizers planned a lot of surprises for the visit of the Hollywood star. He will visit the Stalin Line - one of the items in a long list. Wargaming promptly informs the fans about Dolph's experiences in Belarus.

On Friday, Dolph will go to a festival in Moscow.

Dolph Lundgren became famous in 1985 after the role of the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Lundgren starred in more than 50 movies, the most famous of which are Showdown in Little Tokyo, Universal Soldier, Masters of the Universe and Joshua Tree. His filmography includes dozens of profitable and successful films.