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Two Belarusians may face years in jail for inciting hatred between Belarus and Russia

The Belarusian Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case against a guard from Brest and a BSUIR professor from Minsk. The official version, which was announced today, reads that "the criminals, hiding their real names, prepared publications for a number of Russian news feeds that contained signs of incitement to racial and national hatred."

By their actions the suspects, in fact, wanted to drive a wedge of discord between Belarus and Russia.

The investigation believes that the main motive for their activities was money.

Sergey Kabakovich, head of the department of information and public relations of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus: Since Pavlovets and Alimkin operated as group and had identical intentions, the investigation now may combine these criminal cases according to part 3 of article 130 of the criminal Code of Belarus, which provides for imprisonment for 5-12 years. During the searches conducted, we obtained data on the involvement of these persons in illegal activities: they received cash rewards for producing publications on requests.

Two Belarusians may face 5-12 years in jail for inciting national hatred