Vnesheconombank chairman meets with Belarus President

Vnesheconombank chairman meets with Belarus President

Alexander Lukashenko has guaranteed support for Vnesheconombank (VEB) in Belarus. On December 8 the President met with the chairman of this financial structure. Since 2016 Sergei Gorkov has headed the corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs.

They are working to support the Belarusian and Russian exports, including to third countries. According to the head of state, the Russian partners can count on support from the government and the National Bank. But the most important thing is to fully implement the agreements reached.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I want to tell you once again, publicly, that you can always count on support from me, from the government and first of all from the National Bank. But only if you treat us and our businesses, individuals, legal entities, equally as you do with those of Russia. For you, Belarus should be like Russia. Treat us equally. With regard to the banking system of Belarus, it is probably a little different from the situation in Russia and the system, but it is only superficially. Frankly, I completely shifted the responsibility for the operation of the entire system (not just the first and the second level - the whole system) on of the National Bank head. I gave him all the powers, especially because we have a well-controlled system. Appointments are agreed with the National Bank, and through him - with the President. I will never allow that we have indecent relations with a bank. There are decent criteria for assessment of banks. If a bank complies with them, we cannot ban any banks to come to Belarus. We decided to support any banks that comply with the criteria and our interests, public or private, it is not important. Therefore, if any bank, including VEB, meets these criteria, you are welcome, you will always find my protection, if needed. You can be calm and confident in the security of your enterprise on the territory of Belarus.

Sergei Gorkov, Chairman of the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank):
We have 9 years of cooperation. More than 1 billion dollars of investment. We have major projects like the nuclear power plant, which we fund (a fairly large part) and will continue to fund. We have interesting proposals to increase Belarus-Russia exports. I think we have a lot of opportunities for increased cooperation.

Over just 9 months of 2016, Vnesheconombank gave credit support to enterprises in the amount of more than $230m.

In addition, in November 2011, the governments of Belarus and Russia signed an agreement on granting an export credit of up to $10 billion for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

The VEB bank also supports a number of social projects in Belarus. Among them are jazz evenings at the Town Hall in Minsk and the International Christmas Opera Forum.