Colobus monkey settles in Grodno zoo, Belarus


Colobus monkey settles in Grodno zoo, Belarus

The only Belarusian colobus monkeys can be seen in Grodno Zoo. The Oriental animals come from Russia's Kaliningrad. Playful and active, they cause enthusiasm not only in children but also in adults.

The animals are now getting accustomed to the new place, next to a young alpaca and two baby tigers. They are not hiding from people, unlike barn owls, who arrived in Grodno from Russia.

Vitaly Gumennyi, deputy director of the Grodno zoo:
This is a mystical owl, which features in all sorts of horror movies. But it is a twilight owl, she lives next to man. You will see it soon next to parrots, but now they are hiding. But we hope that by summer they will adapt and people will see them every day!

The Grodno zoo is preparing several surprises for the New Year. One of them is for thrill-seekers! An exhibition of invertebrates will be held in the terrarium. You can see there tarantulas, scorpions and stick insects. Moreover, you can touch some of them!