Who decides on hotel star rating in Belarus?


Who decides on hotel star rating in Belarus?

30% of rooms in Minsk are in three-star hotels. There are four five-star hotels, approximately 6.5% of the number of rooms in Minsk. The share of four-star hotel rooms is 16%. The number of premium hotels does not exceed the number of hotels of the budget segment.

Minsk is ready to provide accommodation for any tourist - depending on the wishes of the level of service and payment options.

About 70% of Minsk hotels have a star rating. Some hotels don't have stars assigned, because the Belarusian legislation does not require compulsory certification of hotels. Who assigns stars to hotels in Minsk?

Yuri Natychko, head of household and hospitality services of the Minsk Executive Committee:
This function is performed by a number of organizations. Among them is the Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification.

In addition, the National Tourism Agency has the right to assign a category.

The Belarusian Institute of Metrology, too. How it happens? It's simple - there is an international standard that includes requirements specific to a particular hotel.

Initially, of course, the certifying bodies look at security issues, sanitary conditions and fire safety.

That is of paramount importance in any hotel. The second thing they look at is the availability of appropriate conditions in a room: equipment and additional services. I mean meeting rooms, spa services, catering facilities. And the third requirement pertains to the number of rooms and quality requirements.

That is, a five-star hotel has to have a specific set of rooms.

There needs to be presidential suites, luxury rooms and so on. A hotel of a low price range, low-level certification - for example, "two stars" - may not of course have a presidential suite.

This certificate must be confirmed with a certain time interval.