EU appreciates Belarus' experience in migration policy

EU appreciates Belarus' experience in migration policy

The European Union appreciates Belarus' experience in immigration policy, said December 7 EU officials at an international conference.

Minsk brought together experts from the Eastern Partnership Initiative members: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. They will discuss the situation on the continent following the increase in migration flows.

Belarus is seen as a country where the safety system is well-built, including against the risks associated with illegal immigration.

Argentina Szabados, director of the International Organization for Migration, Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia:
I saw some equipment at the Belarusian border and I am convinced of the professionalism of your guards. But now, our priority is the development of new approaches to control borders. The situation is changing. Meanwhile, I express my great appreciation to the Belarusian authorities on behalf of the International Organization for Migration.

Since the beginning of the year Belarus has revealed 15 channels of illegal migration to Western Europe. About 80 people who were trying to illegally cross the Belarusian border into the EU were detained.