Stanisław Karczewski: Belarus-Poland border should unite peoples

Stanisław Karczewski: Belarus-Poland border should unite peoples

The Polish parliamentary delegation led by Senate Marshal Stanisław Karczewski has visited ancient Nesvizh.

The guests had a tour of the museum-reserve, the former residence of the Radziwill family, and got familiar with exposition halls.

The palace and park complex Nesvizh annually receives thousands of foreign tourists, including from Poland. The majestic complex after the restoration carried out impressed and Polish lawmakers, said the program "Minsk Region" on STV.

Stanisław Karczewski, Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland:
I will say honestly that this is my first time in Belarus. The first time in Nesvizh. I see that the town hall is wonderful: very beautiful and renovated. I see a lot of traces of our shared history and our culture, Belarusian and Polish. Moreover, I am pleased that you so much care about history.

The border that exists between our two countries should not divide but unite our peoples for more cooperation and development.