Stanisław Karczewski about brand new opportunities in Belarus-Poland relations


Stanisław Karczewski about brand new opportunities in Belarus-Poland relations

Belarus and Poland agreed on the holding of a regional forum. Besides, while in Minsk, the Polish delegation discussed common initiatives and signed important papers.

The signing of the agreement on the joint engagement of the Council of the Republic of Belarus and the Polish Senate took place in the National Library. It is symbolic, as two nations have common culture roots. However, today’s topic is first and foremost economy.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, the Council of the Republic National Assembly of Belarus Chairman:
Belarus is satisfied to notice political dialogue intensification with Poland. As a result of Belarus-Poland cooperation, we have accomplished a number of politic and economic goals.

Polish businesses has been investing more in Belarusian market lately.

At the meeting with Belarus Council Chairman Myasnikovich, Polish Senate Marshal Stanisław Karczewski particularized every person of the Polish delegation. Later he explained why.

Stanisław Karczewski, the Polish Senate Marshal:
I particularize every person in our delegation to make clear what we expect from our visit. Our relations had been frozen, but now brand new opportunities are ahead of us.

The delegations exchanged gifts in the National Library. Belarus presented a set of commemorative coins, and Poland presented a European bison. A special gift from Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was a Slutsk belt.

The lower house of Parliament Chairman Vladimir Andreychenko noted that Belarus-Poland relations are on the rise today. And both parties should work on trade and economic relations. This proposal was the most important during the negotiations.

Vladimir Andreichenko, House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Chairman:
I think your visit is very important and is going to play an important role in Belarus-Poland relations. I would also like to say that constructive and friendly relations with Poland will always be of top priority for Belarus.

Belarus-Poland agreement on cooperation in science and technology was also signed during the meeting.

Belarusian and Polish Science Academies are to implement joint projects in the nanotechnology and biotechnology field. Both sides underline the importance of this cooperation. Scientists from both countries are expected to cooperate while working on projects for EU program Horizon 2020.

Belarus and Poland have 29 signed documents and are currently working on 12 more. On December 5, they signed a draft law on education cooperation. It took six years to prepare it. It will make student and teacher exchange program participation possible.

Stanisław Karczewski:
Our countries share trade routes. We should cooperate. This visit showed us all there were some great opportunities for cooperation in all directions possible.

As the Polish delegation noted, today is a special day. And Belarus agrees.