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Agrokombinat Snov chairman Nikolai Radoman about his job, life principles and awards

Nikolai Radoman is holder of the Order of Homeland (3rd Degree), Senator, Honored Worker of Agriculture and Person of the Year of Minsk Oblast. He has hundreds of diplomas and awards.

Nikolai Radoman, holder of the Order of Homeland 3rd Degree, chairman of the agro-industrial company Agrokombinat Snov:
The Order of Homeland is Alexander Lukashenko’s assessment of our staff’s work. I try to be a fair leader. I guess working environment is extremely importa

Nikolai has been working in this field for 12 years. No one has managed to keep up with his company yet.

Nikolai Radoman:
I try to be a disciplined driver in order to be an example for others. I’ve built some parking areas here and all of them are filled with cars. One more parking area needs to be built. That’s good as it means that people live well.

Products get to shops from farms and fields without intermediates. Russian people also like rural food.

Nikolai Radoman:
We work successfully. According to Alexander Lukashenko, we need to develop multi-vector policy. We try to build relationships not only with Russia, but other countries as well.

Under Nikolai Radoman’s leadership, the farm’s results have improved three times. Crop yields of 100 centners per hectare is no more a dream, while milk yields are already about 10,000 liters, like in Germany. The country’s record holder – cow Izolda, who gives 14,000 liters of milk, – also lives here.

Nikolai Radoman:
Last year, fifteen German farmers visited Agrokombinat Snov. After that, they said they needed to come here more often and learn from us how to farm within multi-vector economy. I suppose Europe is already drawing on Belarusian experience.

Nikolai Radoman is, by the way, a mechanical engineer and had been working as a power engineering specialist of an agricultural factory for a long time.

Today, Snov differs little from a town. A housing construction programme for young specialists is being realized. There are also places for shopping and spending free time.

Nikolai Radoman:
There will be a restaurant and a sports and health center downstairs. There is a hotel for visitors on the first floor.

Nikolai Radoman is a final authority in agrarian branch. He could have changed his career but has always refused to be an official. He stays loyal to his native farm and people who live with him.

Nikolai Radoman:
If people live well, they have a smile and go to work. I think it’s happiness to have such a staff and success and live among all of this.

Nikolai Radoman, chairman of the agro-industrial company Agrokombinat Snov