Average hotel room price in Minsk about $40

Average hotel room price in Minsk about $40

Prices per night in Minsk hotels are falling, according to hotel management authorities.

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
How expensive is a hotel stay in Minsk? We do not take luxury hotels or four-star rooms. Let's take a three-star hotel.

Yuri Natychko, head of household and hospitality services of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
No one can cancel market laws. With an increase in supply in the market prices go down. We clearly see that over the past three years, prices for hotels rooms have significantly reduced.

By the end of 2015, prices fell almost 16%.

After 10 months of 2016, room rates further fell, I mean the city average, by about 15%.

Currently, the average price (including both premium class and budget class) is about $40 per room.

Moreover, in the communal hotels this rate is slightly lower - about $38.

But this, again, is the market average. But there are hotels that offer standard accommodation in a single room costing $20. I think that a standard, rather well-kept room with a specific list of extra services is acceptable for such a price.