Belarus-Azerbaijan trade up 10 times in 2006-2015

Belarus-Azerbaijan trade up 10 times in 2006-2015

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko received the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belarus, Isfandiyar Vahabzade, on December 1 as the diplomat completed his mission in Belarus. The President noted that the past few years had been the most fruitful in the relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Over 10 years, the level of trade between the two countries has increased by 10 times.

The new diplomat will be appointed before long, and the most likely candidate is already known. He has a degree in economics. This means that business relations will be one of the major dimensions in the relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan. Take the agricultural area, for example. Belarusians are going to build an agrotown in Azerbaijan. The dairy complex for 1,200 animals will have Belarusian equipment, technology and even cows themselves.

Leonid Zayats, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus:
We are designing a modern dairy plant so that we deliver milk from Belarus and Azerbaijan will process it and make finished products. The area of this facility is 6,000 hectares, it will be controlled by Belarusian technologies. It will make products that are in demand in Azerbaijan.

The experience of the Belarusian land reclamation will be applied in the Caucasus too. A potential project is estimated at $10 million, it will start in 2017. The results of the negotiations in the industrial area are equally impressive. There is an agreement on the supply to Baku of Mogilev elevators. It's all spelled out in the general agreement. After all, Azerbaijan already operates an assembly facility for the production of Belarusian machinery. Its capacity is going to be increased.

Alexander Kazakevich, Deputy Marketing Director for commercial work in the CIS countries, Ukraine and Georgia of Minsk Tractor Works:
Our deliveries increased this year by 16%, as compared to the level of 2015. We plan to start the supply of 2,000 units of our equipment. Today we are signing a commercial contract for the next batch of tractors, about 600 units, may be more.

The two presidents clearly defined an objective: to increase trade turnover to $700 million next year.

Andrei Derekh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of an investment company:
The declared $700 million is really quite an ambitious task in terms of implementation. But it is quite possible, if, for example, Belarus and Azerbaijan agree on the supply of oil, petrochemical products, customer-owned oil refining at Belarusian oil refineries. Azerbaijan is developing cotton production and Belarus is interested in cotton processing in Baranovichi.

The two countries exchanged embassies 10 years ago. During this timeб the turnover has increased by 10 times.