Major European hotel operators to be present in Minsk by 2020


Major European hotel operators to be present in Minsk by 2020

10 hotels will be built in Minsk by 2020. Thus, the hotel network of the capital of Belarus will reach 58 complexes. That would be about 13,000 beds and 7,000 rooms.

Yuri Natychko, head of household and hotel service of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
All hotels that are being built at the moment are expected to be completed by 2020.

These are hotels built without the involvement of public funds.

That is, these hotel projects are implemented solely at the expense of investors' funds. We are talking about hotels of different price ranges, different levels of quality, that is, we will have hotels of "four stars" and "five stars", and some cheaper options too. In fact, after this time, we expect that almost all the leading hotel operators that work in the European market will be present in Minsk by 2020. A number of major hotel chains already have a hotel in Minsk.

The first was the hotel CROWNE PLAZA, which was built in 2008.

Now we see Marriott, Renaissance. Today we see the Hilton hotels: one hotel is now operational, and the other will be by the end of the year. I am talking about the hotel at praspiekt Pieramozcau - DoubleTree by Hilton. This is a hotel of a high level, since... you know, this is the Hilton brand.

So we lack only a few of the leading operators, but I think they will come to Minsk in the near future.