Belarusian Red Cross turns 95

Belarusian Red Cross turns 95

More than half a million people in 2016 received assistance from the Belarusian Red Cross. This society celebrates its 95th anniversary these days. The movement brings together about 20,000 volunteers across Belarus.

Their main task is to provide first aid in emergency situations as well as social, medical and psychological support to vulnerable citizens. For example, the Sisters of Charity Service provides services to more than one million each year - this is mainly help to people with serious illnesses at home or in special facilities.

Dmitry Rusakov, Belarusian Red Cross Society:
We have a tracing service, which is aimed primarily at restoring family links interrupted in armed and emergency situations. More than 80% of messages we get concern the Second World War. At the same time, crises that occur now give us new challenges

The Belarusian Red Cross has been involved in major international projects: combating human trafficking, HIV and tuberculosis, as well as training and awareness.

The President of Belarus congratulated the staff and volunteers of the Belarusian Society of the Red Cross on the anniversary.