Belarus overhauling trade unions system

Belarus overhauling trade unions system

Belarus is modernizing trade unions that are members of the Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions (FPB).

A decision on the need to merge the related organizations was made at 7th FPB Congress in 2015.

This will enable the organization to more effectively solve problems. In addition, it allows exchanging professional knowledge. In 2016, trade unions in industry, energy, transport and forestry were merged.

The next step is the unification of structures in the Belarus Armed Forces.

At the same time, members of organizations retain all the social guarantees provided for in the collective and salary agreements.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We fully support the transformations, the structural reforms that are now being carried out by the Federation Trade Unions of Belarus in the framework of the organizing structure. Civilian personnel make up one-fourth of the total staff of the Armed Forces.

As part of the trade union of the Armed Forces they will become part of the trade union of state bodies. This, of course, will make them aimed at better resolution of the tasks assigned to the Armed Forces and to improve the defense capabilities of our country.

The merging of trade unions by industry is a worldwide practice. In the past 10 years, these processes have taken place in many countries.

Mikhail Orda, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus:
Everything in our structure has to be compact. We don't need fragmentation. This is the most important question.

Time does not stand still: we have to carry out some modernization, consolidation, merging; we need to keep pace with the times. Perhaps in spite of someone's personal interests.

Here the most important thing is to protect the interests of ordinary people, union members.