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Belarus economy minister: average salary of $500 is extremely hard task

Inflation in Belarus in 2016 will keep at the planned level, said Belarus government on November 29.The council of ministers noted also that Belarus is timely settling with foreign loan holders and continues to work with the International Monetary Fund.

The government said that the refinancing rate in 2016 was reduced on three occasions and this is an important factor for economic growth, including the increase of the average salary in the country to $500.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
We must understand that to jump from $370 (about the average salary) to $500 today is a very difficult task. But as for a number of sectors of the economy, I think it is a completely solvable problem, and that will be implemented in 2017.

Belarus economy minister: average salary of $500 is very hard task