Brazil joins the club: all about visa-free travel for Belarusians


Brazil joins the club: all about visa-free travel for Belarusians

From November 25, there is one more country Belarusians can travel visa-free: Brazil has joined the club of 40 countries keeping their doors open to the citizens of Belarus. There is some more good news for avid travellers. Belarusian passport climbs slow and sure up the “travel freedom” list.

All in all

Belarusians can visit 41 countries without red tape constraints. The list of them is really astonishing. Not to mention the neighbouring Russia and Ukraine, there are, for instance, such exotic spots as Peru, Ecuador and Cuba.

Now Macao and Brazil are also on the Belarusian visa-free list. The latter is the 7th largest economy in the world, the political leader of the region and a heaven for many amateurs of sun, sand and sea holidays.

Dmitry Mironchik, the Head of Information Department Press-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus:
Those who have valid travelling documents can enter, leave, travel in transit and stay on the foreign territory visa-free up to 90 days within the calendar year from the date of the first entry.

Surely, not everyone in Belarus can afford going to Brazil, for it is both quite far away and quite costly. But the possibilities for rapprochement between the two states are the key issue here. It's not only about tourism. One small step for diplomats is one giant leap for economic relations between the two countries.

Vladislav Froltsov, economist:
First of all, Brazil is a major market for agricultural technologies.

Brazil is one of the biggest buyers of Belarusian nitrogen and potash fertilizers.

In the long term, Brazil can help Belarusians to boost the sales of farm machinery.

There is a certain improvement of relations between Belarus and EU too. Consultations on visa facilitation for Belarusian citizens are to take place soon.

Even though it's not about visa-free access to Schengen Area, the progress in the negotiations is obvious. Recently Belarusians were also lucky to get a visa-free access to Turkey, Israel and China. Though, the latter has removed visa restrictions only for accredited tour groups and those who are in transit at a number of China cities up to 72 hours. But even 41 visa-free countries is not a limit for Belarus.

Aleksei Volkov, CTV:

Until the end of 2016, Belarus is going to abolish visas for 80 countries.

Such nomads as journalists will less often face such a problem as a lack of a spare place for a visa in their passports.

The new agreements on visa-free access make Belarusian passport climb up the international ranking.

Belarus is expected to reach the top 50 of the best passports in the world as soon as in 2017.