Weapon keeping rules in Belarus

Weapon keeping rules in Belarus

Unqualified weapon usage may be deadly. That is why it is better to turn in weapons to Ministry of Internal Affairs. Here are a few rules and statistics on the use of weapons in Belarus.

The laws of Belarus require you to have the same serial number on the gun and the gun license; the safe must be locked and you must be the only person having access to the keys.

In 2016, Belarusians turned in to police 849 illegal weapons. If a police officer finds an unregistered weapon, the owner could be jailed for 12 years.

Alexander Bachilo, Pukhovichi police department Inspector for work permits:
It is true, there are people in jail who were arrested for illegal weapon possession. Perhaps there are people who own unregistered guns but they are afraid to go open about gun possession. There is no need to worry: giving weapons to police is absolutely legal.

If you decide to keep a gun at home, its dispenser magazine must be empty.

If you do not comply with the rules, you may face a fine and will be able to get your gun back only from a police officer. By the way, if a gun license owner commits an offense, their gun permission is revoked for a few years.

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About 103,000 people out of about 9.5 million possess arms in Belarus. These are those having weapons legally. Traumatic weapons are prohibited in Belarus, and only civilian weapons are in circulation. Belarusians have almost 128,000 weapons. The majority are hunting rifles.

There are few places where you can practice using weapons: the sports club DOSAAF, an indoor sports club and the Stalin Line museum complex. In order to get to the shooting range you must have permission for your weapon. Most shooters coming to such places are hunters, sportsmen, and police officers.

Vadim Abramovich, head of the historical and cultural complex Stalin Line:
The availability of weapons must not be easy. This is the guarantee of our security. Almost all post-Soviet space, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, have significant limitations regarding the rights to store, carry or use firearms.

The potential owner of the weapon in Belarus must at least 18, have no problems with the law and permanently reside in Belarus.

The hunter must provide a certificate and to get the right to purchase sports weapons it is necessary to engage in bullet shooting for at least five years. Doctors' examination is a must. You need to visit a therapist, an oculist, a surgeon, a narcologist and, of course, a psychiatrist. About 5,000 people in Minsk alone apply for a certificate every year.

Olga Kravtsova, Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Examination and Rehabilitation of the Minsk City Psychoneurological Dispensary:
In general, middle-aged men apply for a certificate: 35-50 years old, having higher education, well-off and loving hunting.

A permit for the storage of weapons is given for three years in Belarus. It can be canceled for violations of the law, including violation of hunting rules or for drunken driving.

The hunter can count on a carbine if they have at least 5 years of experience in possession of a smooth-bore rifle. Annually police and investigators reveal about 2,000 unregistered guns and pistols and take measures to confiscate them.