Belarusian Tesla owners impressed with cars

Belarusian Tesla owners impressed with cars

Belarus should reflect on the construction of electric cars, shouldn't it? After all, we've managed to make electric buses, trams and trolleybuses. Light vehicles in electric engines have not yet filled the world market, but it is these cars to which the future belongs (if no one comes up with trucks driven by the power of thought). Besides, Belarusian realities suggest the way of Tesla - with scarce oil supplies and given that the country will have more than enough of its own electricity from the Belarusian NPP. Yana Shipko has more.

Not only the wing-shaped doors distinguish this car from the ordinary ones. This is almost a racing car. Acceleration to 100km/h takes only 3.8 seconds.

Here you will not find the exhaust pipe. Instead of the fuel tank is a plug and there is nothing in place of the internal combustion engine.

This Tesla car is a luxury option. Belarus has only several such cars.

Artur is one of the first Tesla owners in Belarus. This model is the second generation of such cars.

Artur, owner of the electric vehicle:
You can travel 400 km on this vehicle. And if you turn on power saver, even up to 600km. If you convert power consumption into gasoline, it turns out 1.5 liters per 100 km. But its power is like that of Ferrari.

Thanks to this startup of billionaire Elon Musk from the US Silicon Valley electric cars have become fashionable. DiCaprio is one of celebrities using these eco-friendly cars. Electric cars were popular already in the nineteenth century, until they were pushed by their 'gasoline brothers'.

At least, it was an environmentally friendly form of transport. You could travel far. But you have to plan your trips, plan where you will charge them. Now you can find a charging spot more easily. Even if there is no charging station, you will always find an outlet anywhere.

This electric charging point in Minsk is one of the few places where you can energize your car.

Fedor Sogomonyan, deputy director of a private enterprise:
We are in the center of Europe, so we could at least provide the main roads, where foreigners drive, with charging points. There are very few charging stations in Belarus. It is a disease of our country.

You do not need any maintenance. There is no headache with changing oil. Replace brake pads after each 100,000 kilometers.

Belarus now has such only a few dozen of such e-cars. And although relatively low-priced electric cars do appear in the market, the absence of a network of charging stations is the main problem.

Vladimir Korolev, head of a company distributing charging systems:
We can establish any number of charging stations. But if there are not enough electric vehicles, they will not be used.

In light of the imminent commissioning in Belarus of the NPP, the era of electric vehicles is approaching. Available electricity in abundance is a trump card for the development of electric vehicles.

Elena Zhuchenko, Belarusian institute of heat power:
There is a problem such as the balancing of the daily schedule of the power system load. It is necessary to balance approximately 1 GW of power at night. We counted that in order to fully redress this imbalance, we need to charge every night about 200,000 electric cars.

Belarus will soon start producing domestic electric cars on the basis of the Belarusian-Chinese car. Scientists of the Academy of Sciences are already working on it. This transport of the future - Belarusian electric bus - is already a reality. By end of December, it will hit roads of Minsk.

There are about a thousand trolleybuses in the capital alone. Electric buses are not tied to wires and will unload traffic.

For an urban route the power given by one battery is enough.

Sergey Chistov, deputy chief designer of Belkommunmash company:
The battery is for 12 kilometers of autonomous work. Even after that, we still have 30%.

Potential Belarusian Elon Musk - Alexander Kozlov from Grodno - designed an electric car in the 11th form. Now he is studying in Israel. Together with Belarusian friends, he released self-developed electric bicycles. Their models have already enjoyed commercial success.

Boris Bolokhonov, marketing specialist:
There are similar things, but when it comes to specifications, features - this is a unique product.

Two hours of charging - and you can ride 45 kilometers without pedaling.

Boris Bolokhonov:
If your battery dies before you get to the charging station, you can use traditional pedals and drive to that station.