President demands improvement in Belarus' mechanical engineering

President demands improvement in Belarus' mechanical engineering

The President of Belarus requires to radically improve the situation in the field of mechanical engineering. Alexander Lukashenko said this on November 24 at a meeting on the development strategy of the industry. Taking part in the meeting are representatives of the Government, relevant ministries, heads of Belarusian enterprises, scientists, as well as those who use the products of Belarus' mechanic engineering.

The question was raised in the summer of 2015. The government had more than a year to determine on the plans for the development of the complex, however, the recession has dragged on in this area. Over the previous two years, industrial companies have lost half the volume of products. In 2016, the sector returned only 3% of its potential.

The Head of State asked about what effective measures can be taken for recovery of mechanical engineering.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Significant state support was provided to leading industry organizations. Machine building enterprises were helped to refinance the loans, replenish working capital and thereby create the conditions for effective work. However, we don't see any significant positive results and someone has to be held accountable. If we continue to develop the production in this mode and at this pace, we will need tens of years to reach the level of 2013. Such rates are unacceptable. The situation needs to be radically corrected. I am wondering whether the government has really effective measures for the industry's recovery. Do business leaders know solutions to problems. I would like to hear today an honest and frank discussion, principled conversation on what prevents us from recovering. As well as answers to questions: in what directions does global machine building develop? Are these trends considered in the Belarusian development strategy? Secondly, what are the problematic issues without which it is impossible to ensure the stable operation of the sector? What does the government intend to undertake to overcome these problems in the coming period? What financial resources, from what sources will we involve? Third: what is the objective assessment of the management, of staff who will implement the Belarusian machine-building strategy? Are they able to solve the problems that today face the machine builders?

The products of many Belarusian machine-building enterprises has become a brand. Nevertheless, one needs to actively work on the geography of export. In 2015, products were exported to 106 countries. The majority is supplied to Russia and Kazakhstan.

New partners are vital for Belarus' export, the President reiterated. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian companies need to be in constant dialogue with potential users, which is what determines success. In addition, all departments involved should help in searching new markets.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I'm sure we can work in this situation, and we can work normally. Nobody will throw Russia into the abyss, it will continue living, after all. It needs tractors and harvesters. Everything. And here we have to work. The thing is not only in strategy. Everyone must have a strategy, in Soviet times, we learned to write these concepts and strategies enough. Today we need to talk to a particular user and to make specific products for them until we reach a normal level of development. It is not that simple. You are smart people, so act. You are in trend. So go act. But we need an end result.