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New Yak-130 aircraft at Lida’s airbase

New Yak-130 aircraft appeared at Lida’s airbase on November 23. This is the second batch of new generation vehicles that came to Belarus from Russia. According to soldiers, the adoption of such aircraft is a qualitative leap in pilot training.

The Yak-130 can fly at a speed of up to 1,000 km/h.

Such aircraft have a perfect aerodynamic configuration: high flight performance and piloting safety both in teaching and fight.

Oleg Dvigalev, Commander of Air Force and Air Defense Troops of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
It will serve as troops aviation support during illegal armed groups blocking. This is an opportunity for our pilots to develop their skills.

Andrey Nichiporchik became a pilot in his father’s footsteps. He started his career flying on L-39 and Su-25. Later, he was retrained on Yak-130 in Belarus.

A young major mastered the new aircraft rapidly and has already flown more than 100 hours.

Andrey Nichiporchik, flight commander of Guards Assault Air Base 116:
It was a little bit unusual for the first time. However, there were no difficulties after exploration of this aircraft.

Western gates of the Belarus-Russia Union State are reliable and safe. The Yak is a specific sniper among its fellows. It has high accuracy in hitting targets even through clouds. By the way, the range of arms used by the Yak-130 is wide: guns, bombs, rockets, guided missiles and anti-ship missiles of different weight.

Alexander Karev, Deputy Commander of Air Force and Air Defense Troops of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Just imagine, its load-carrying capacity is three tons. To compare,
bombers of the Second World War picked up only two tons. Although, they were huge!

Galina Buro, CTV:
The Yak-130 needs only a 300 meter runway. In comparison, the legendary Su-25 needs more than a 1,000 meter runway.

Belarusian soldiers have been training on Yak aircraft since 2015.

Back then, Belarusian flight personnel practiced in high-accuracy shooting. In spring 2016, the Yak first landed at night. The Belarus military managed to prove its high level of training and the fact that the Union State safety is in the right hands today.

New Yak-130 aircraft at Lida’s airbase