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All eateries in Belarus may become tobacco-free

All eateries in Belarus may become tobacco-free. More than 50% of Belarusians support the idea and are willing to bring it to public discussion.

It is no that difficult to refuse from the addiction in the XXI century: it's enough to apply to a clinic.

Doctors have developed a set of programs to help you quit smoking.

However, almost 30% of Belarusians are tobacco-addicted.

A panacea for the invention of the XXI century - electronic steam generator - has not yet been found. At first glance, it is not harmful. But in western Europe, it has been put on equal footing with a usual cigarette.

Valentin Rusovich, coordinator of the World Health Organization's programs in Belarus:
We recommended countries to treat electronic cigarettes as regular cigarettes. It is necessary to ensure that legislation prevents adolescents and young people from starting smoking, including electronic cigarettes. Because then people can switch to regular cigarettes.

All eateries in Belarus may become tobacco-free