Belarus and Austria discussing mutual projects

Belarus and Austria discussing mutual projects

Minsk and Vienna have resumed the work of all mechanisms of economic cooperation development. That was the leitmotif of the 13th session of the Belarusian-Austrian intergovernmental commission on bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

This meeting in the Belarusian capital brought together the business circles of the two countries: 25 Austrian and over 100 Belarusian companies.

Today the sides are implementing joint projects in the construction industry, production of equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry, transport and logistics, and banking. Among the promising areas is cooperation for the joint promotion of products in foreign markets and the development of investment potential.

Michael Angerer, Regional Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria:
We also are interested to buy industrial products from Belarus, as the industry is well represented, and moreover, it continues to develop. We know that Belarus has good trade relations, both in the East and the West. And we could in turn be your gateway to the European Union in terms of the export of Belarusian products.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
Austria is one of the most important investors in our country. This year, about $400 million has been spent in Belarus on projects that are being developed thanks to Austrian capital. A number of companies registered in Austria are promoting Belarusian products. We are aiming at a turnover of 200 million euros. But adding the deliveries of these companies, we will get 40 million more. We must come to direct and effective communication.