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No cyber attacks on ATMs in Belarus in recent weeks, Interior Ministry says

The Interior Ministry has denied the information about new cyber attacks on ATMs in Belarus. This entry was posted in the official Twitter account of the department.

A number of Belarusian media have reported that an international criminal group made remote cyber attacks on ATMs in more than 10 countries. These included Belarus, Russia, CIS countries and the European Union.

The Interior Ministry made it clear that in this case, the media were talking about the details of a crime committed about three months ago.

Interior Ministry:
There have been no new cyber attacks on ATMs in Belarus. News headlines is just a summer wave of reports.The office for solving hi-tech crimes of the Ministry of Interior is actively involved in the investigation of the criminal case, which was initiated before by the Investigation Committee. The situation is under control.

No new cyber attacks on ATMs in Belarus, Interior Ministry says