Belarus remains Russia's important economic partner, Vladimir Putin says


Belarus remains Russia's important economic partner, Vladimir Putin says

The main news of November 22 came from Moscow where talks continue between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. We have just got the first footage from the Kremlin.

Here we have the first points the two leaders made at the highest level. Belarus and Russia are not isolated from the global crisis and are forced to respond quickly to them, together, said Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus remains an important trade and economic partner of Russia, said Vladimir Putin.

Here is a small episode of the negotiations between the Presidents of the two countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Firstly, Mr Putin, I want to thank you for a good idea you gave a few weeks ago - about two weeks ago: to go together to congratulate our Patriarch on the anniversary, which we did. It's a nice touch to the relations between the two Presidents and peoples. You probably felt the attitude of all those present in the room to the fact that two Presidents of two close peoples came to congratulate our Patriarch. You are absolutely right, we always do like this.

All our good deeds, pleasant things come today together with working affairs. Indeed, in this violent time, when we face challenges from this and that side, when we need to respond to crises (we are not isolated from them), we should discuss some urgent issues and solve them quickly. I think that we will touch on the issues that arise from time to time. As we have always done, we will take the most accurate solutions. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to be here, in the Kremlin, today and to discuss our vital issues.

The agenda of the meeting of the Presidents of Belarus and Russia includes the most topical issues of the bilateral relations, including political cooperation, the development of integration processes, as well as the situation in the region and the world.