Drunk driving, old tires, or crossing a road in a wrong place and its consequences

Drunk driving, old tires, or crossing a road in a wrong place and its consequences

Big cities and small towns in Belarus can boast their wonderful roads. However, accidents happen. It is not quite a pleasant topic. Winter is coming, and the accident curve is on the rise. What happens if somebody does not get snow tires, the road is slippery, and they are driving too fast and lack experience? The CTV’s special reporter Olga Petrashevskaya answers this question.

Here you can see the last seconds of a whole family. A mother and two kids.

This elderly lady who buried her daughter and two grandchildren on the same day can neither believe nor understand how this could happen. Alesya had just enrolled at a university, and Igor enrolled for a second university degree. Just a few days ago Igor helped his grandparents in the yard. Now there are three graves under three pines.

Leokadiya Klimyato, mother and grandmother of the deceased:
She could just come and hug and kiss you.

A friend of the family:
I did not make it in time to tell them to stay at home. Igor was a good driver. I blame the weather and concourse of circumstances.

The friend told us Igor had got snow tires just a few days before the terrible accident.

According to the primary investigation, the speed and the maneuver caused the accident. Traffic police say Igor was not an exemplary driver.

Alexander Kazyuchits, Vitebsk Oblast traffic police:
He had already been held accountable for speed infringement.

A friend of the family:
The road services should have cleared the road.

As for road clearing, the Ministry of Transportation called drivers to inform about snow on the roads by calling 125. Nevertheless, there is no consensus about winter tires – some people use summer tires up to the very first day of winter. But Denis and Tatyana are not among those people, as they have two kids.

Denis Suboch, Minsk resident:
We are going to change the tires. It is not about the law, but our safety.

Sergey Zaranik, Minsk City Traffic Police:
Today the traffic police of Belarus is working on the tire law change. We want the official winter season to start on November 1.

However, the weather is not in the top-three of causes of road accidents in Belarus.

Every third road accident involves pedestrians. And everyone can become a victim of it by crossing a road in illegal places.

Dmitry Gunko, a driver:
A drunk man was walking along the road. I honked, and he threw a bottle at my windscreen.

Almost half of those harmed pedestrians were drunk.

Grigory Lashkevich, head of Investigation Committee Procedural Control Department of the Republic of Belarus:
Some of them are just lying on the road.

Road regulations are not in favor in the countryside. Who would hit a neighbor?

Peter Schved, Vishnevka village resident (Minsk region):
I have never seen anyone without headlights.

There are almost 60 dead because of drunk driving. But the accident statistic is getting better. Some people call 102 before a drunk driver harms them. Dmitry is one of those people. He called 102 after seeing a drunk girl driving a car and almost hitting pedestrians. He has got something to say to those who call him a snitch.

Dmitry Zhuravlev:
I would like to see what would they say if they were hit by that car.

Nevertheless, Victoria and her husband did not have anyone to stop them. They were drunk and decided to go to a store to get some more liquor. Their child was sitting on his mother’s lap. Now the boy is dead, and his father is in prison. What a price for getting drunk.

Victoria Borisevich, Noviyanka village resident (Grodno region):
I do not know why I went with my drunk husband. We are all to blame.

This is not a village, but downtown Minsk. Traffic wardens can tell us hundreds of stories based on human stupidity.

Dmitry Lepeshkin, road safety traffic police warden of Minsk City Executive Committee:
We stopped one. He said he had to drive to get to work in time. Drunk.

It is almost three in the morning.

We had to pull the car, as it would not start. I had to drive.

Andrey Shumilo, Minsk Frunzensky District traffic police warden of Minsk City Executive Committee:
We got a call about a possible drunk driver.

This man’s driver license is revoked. It is not his first-time drunk driving.

Do not drink and drive.

Pavel is going to have his car confiscated. He is also getting a fine.

In 2016, 455 people died in road accidents in Belarus. In eight of ten road accidents, it is drivers who are guilty. Nevertheless, a road accident can happen anytime. Please be careful.