UN project Inclusive Belarus launched in Grodno

UN project Inclusive Belarus launched in Grodno

Include special people in the life of the whole society is the main purpose of the UN project "Inclusive Belarus", which was launched in Grodno. Exhibitions dedicated to people with disabilities, campaigns against gender inequality, training against domestic violence will be held during the project.

With the help of illustrative examples, the organizers hope to draw the attention of Belarusians to these problems.

The visually impaired from Grodno offered guests play table tennis with them (with eyes closed).

Belarusian State University students have developed an application that allows understanding sign language.

Vladislav Korbut, 2nd year student of the Belarusian State University:
We often see people who are not able to communicate with other people in ordinary life situations; we decided to develop such an application to remove these barriers for them.

Sanaka Samarasinha, Permanent Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Belarus:
I am absolutely convinced that many people have a lot to learn from your country. We would like you not to consider vulnerable groups as recipients of certain services'; it's better to pay attention to the potential that they have. And we would like this potential to be involved in the development of society to the greatest extent.