How foreign languages promote Belarusian economy

How foreign languages promote Belarusian economy

Your tongue will get you anywhere: to Kiev, London, New York or Beijing. Belarusian managers have to keep up with Belarusian foreign policy achievements because they need to agree on sales of Belarusian tractors, cheeses and sausages in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish and Arab. The English language is a must for Belarusian specialists. Andrei has learned about it from his personal experience. He speaks German fluently and actively uses it at work. Nevertheless, any language should be constantly practiced.

Andrei Yasinsky, specialist in smelting company foreign trade activity:
I work at a smelting company. We deal mostly with foreign partners. Everything is based on communication that helps us to sell products.

An experienced marketer should also master French. Alexander Afanasevich has been cooperating with French-speaking regions for more than 30 years.

Aleksander Velichko, leading marketing specialist of African markets bureau of Minsk Tractor Works:
I cannot imagine my job without foreign languages. Daily, we get 4-5 calls from different countries.

Today, Belarus also collaborates with Venezuela, Peru, Cuba and Chile.

Tatiana Chivilyina, marketing specialist of Latin America markets bureau of Minsk Tractor Works:
Local people speak only Spanish. Almost no one knows English. That’s why we need to use Spanish to be able to work on Latin America markets.

Olga Mangutova, marketing specialist of Latin America markets bureau of Minsk Tractor Works:
Knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish makes us competitive on Latin America markets.

Leonid Pinchuk, leading specialist in international trade activity of Amkodor company:
Our work is based on sales market expansion and increase in number of sales to distant foreign countries. That’s why, in order to work with foreign partners we need to speak their languages.

Chinese is used more frequently than Russian and even English here, in Great Stone Industrial Park.

Ruslan Bondarev, employee of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park:
I’ve been studying Chinese for about ten years and I love it. Chinese economy is developing very rapidly, which is why Chinese is very popular. I guess it can be compared with English.

Anna Podkovyrova, employee of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park:
Chinese people are always glad to hear native speech in a foreign country. Belarusian specialists speak Chinese, which is why our Chinese partners come here and cooperate with us.

Language as a cooperation tool was discussed at the diplomatic level in France.

Didier Canesse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Belarus:
The French language is the third most popular business language. We have great potential that needs to be developed.

This is the Turkish section of the Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU).

Oleg Zelenko, second-year student of translating and interpreting faculty of MSLU Turkish section:
My father advised me to learn Turkish. It is perspective. Moreover, Belarus and Turkey are developing economic relations.

Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian and Japanese are studied at the east languages chair.

Sergey Oleynik, east languages chair head, MSLU:
Of course, we respond to state requests concerning international economic relations. After Alexander Lukashenko visited Pakistan, there emerged a necessity to learn Urdu, the state language of Pakistan. At the same time, Urdu is very popular in India. That’s why we will manage to cover Pakistan and a little bit more in this region.