Belarus overhauling collective state farms

Belarus overhauling collective state farms

Agriculture should be given the opportunity to work properly, said the Belarus President during the meeting on the reorganization of collective farms on November 18.

This issue was raised long ago. Existing statutes are not in harmony with the provisions of the Civil Code.

All farms need to be converted into a new organizational and legal form by 31 December. However, such innovations have caused a lot of disputes. “Will it hurt peasants?” asked the President.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, it is necessary to make sure that from January 1, all people can safely continue working in agriculture.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Please explain to me the essence of the document and why chiefs of farms have had such an attitude to that. Why are these rules rejected by agriculture specialists? If just someone just wants to modernize something without a need, then do not interfere with the peasants and let them work quietly. What does "progressive forms" mean? Agriculture should be given the opportunity to work. You know that even if we modernize them, no matter how we call them, nothing will change as long as we do not support them financially, economically, organizationally. We need to finally make them work. There is no sense in us changing names. We have modernized one farm and what did we get? They divided the shares, and sit waiting to see what's coming next. What now, shall we start trading in these shares just like in Russia? Shall we expect that someone will buy, will come and raise agriculture in our country? It will never happen.

In the near future, Belarus also has to figure out what is happening at agricultural cooperatives. There are a total of 133 such enterprises. As a result of the meeting, the President instructed the officials to turn into relations between the state and agricultural enterprises into a civilized legal form. One needs to build a clear mechanism and provide equal opportunities to all.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
In 2001, on 1 February, Presidential Decree number 49 was adopted, which regulates the work of the collective farm and set their basic charter provisions. More than 15 years have passed, a lot of that needs to be changed. We have adopted new regulations, so some charter norms are no more in sync with the law. Everyone needs to work in our country on an equal footing. Everything is manageable in this country, almost all business entities today are the property of the state, so we have to work on the principles and laws of our country.