Russian journalists pleased with Belarus’ social-economic development

Russian journalists pleased with Belarus’ social-economic development

On November 16, Russian journalists travelled to Bobruisk to get to know Belarus better.

On their way to Bobruisk, they stopped to visit Bujnichi field. During WWII, a violent battle took place here. Mogilev defenders managed to fight for 23 days.

Andrey Antonov, New Petersburg newspaper journalist (Saint Petersburg, Russia):
It is very pleasant that Belarus remembers all the epic events of the Great Patriotic War. Thank you.

After that, the guests were introduced to the production sector of the city. Krasnyi Pishchevik is famous for its zephyr – sweet marshmallow-like delicacy made with apples.

This zephyr is handmade, all-natural and organic. Journalists were given a chance to make zephyr themselves.

Dmitry Polyanin, Yekaterinburg newspaper chief editor (Yekaterinburg, Russia):
Every Russian knows about Belarusian quality. I live in Yekaterinburg right next to Kazakhstan, but there are no goods from Kazakhstan there. However, we have Belarusian food, clothes, and toys.

The journalists also visited a tire factory. They were impressed the factory was producing and modernized even though the crisis. Over 50% of its production is exported, mostly to Russia.

On Thursday, the journalists will visit Minsk. A press conference with Alexander Lukashenko is scheduled there. The journalists already know what they are going to ask him about.

Darya Stepanova, OTV reporter (Yekaterinburg, Russia):
We have seen agrotowns. They are nothing like villages, they look amazing. And I want to ask Alexander Lukashenko:‘How did you manage to achieve it?’

Alexey Konoplev, Volzhskaya Kommuna newspaper deputy chief editor (Samara, Russia):
I would like to ask him about youth patriotic education. I know you devote a lot of effort to it in Belarus.

They have spent three days in Belarus and have seen and took photos of everything, including schools, hospitals, and famous factories. Russian journalists have got to know Belarus better. Later, their readers will get to know Belarus better, too.