Why Belarusians choose French

Why Belarusians choose French

Knowledge of foreign languages unites both people end economies. Nowadays, any top manager should master at least two foreign languages. One of them is definitely French. It is spoken by over 270 million people.

Except for the language itself, literature, geography and history are also taught in French in this gymnasium.

Ilya Namakonov, pupil of the 11th A form of gymnasium No.1 in Vitebsk; winner of the Republican contest on the French language:
Most of all I like social and economic sciences, because they play a great role in the life of any person.

The first French section appeared in Minsk twenty years ago. Today, such a teaching method is represented in all the regions of the country.

Valentina Perestoronina, French language teacher of gymnasium No.1 in Vitebsk:
There are many people in our country who successfully work in different economic spheres.

Anna is an international economist. The knowledge of French helped her many times in document maintenance and during negotiations.

Anna Potapenko, specialist on foreign economic activity of JSC Amkodor — holding managing company:
We are working with West and North Africa, where French is an official language. It helped us to maintain good relationships with our foreign partners.

According to statistics, there are more than 270 million French-speaking people in the world. Moreover, France is one of the leading world economies.

Didier Canesse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Belarus:
The French language is the third most popular business language in the world. We have great potential that needs to be developed. In the last Doing Business rating of the World Bank, Belarus showed better results than earlier.

About 27,000 people study French in Belarus. Most of them are pupils.

Dominique Depriesterre, deputy head of the French language mission in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
It is very important for us to show Belarusian students that French can be very useful in their future career.  

The bet on education is not coincidental. Everything needs a basis. Even global objectives can start with a childish dream.