Belarus’ high-tech park expanding

Belarus’ high-tech park expanding

Belarusian “Silicon Valley” will come to Minsk centre.  A part of inefficiently used buildings near Yakuba Kolasa Square will pass into management of Belarusian high-tech park. This decision was made at a meeting held by Alexander Lukashenko on November 15.

Almost 20 buildings of Minsk Computer Science Association have stood unused and empty for a long time. At the beginning of 2014, Alexander Lukashenko ordered to dispose of them, for example by selling to an investor.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The working group of concerned bodies, including the State Control Committee, held four public auctions in 2014-2015. None of them was declared valid due to lack of participants. Taking into consideration the fact that the place is attractive and relevant services inform me about different intricacies of this question (of course, somebody has referred to their relatives and friends,-  others lobby each other or want to get it free of charge, maybe some statesmen want to go to prison very much?) I wanted to look into the matter personally and publicly to avoid gossips behind my back. I want to hear the following from the participants of the conference. First of all, what specific offers were made to potential buyers? However, the main question is: why does the state represented by the Minsk Executive Committee and the Government refuse to use this area in the interest of this very state? Is it because of unwillingness, inability or some objective reasons? Secondly, what are the offers of the potential buyers? Thirdly, how do these offers correspond to the requirements of city-planning norms? Is it beneficial for the state? As it often happens, when it’s time to report back to the President, people try to do everything in a very short period, quickly, in a hush hush manner . Fourthly, are citizens’ interests taken into consideration and on what terms will the sale be carried out? And fifth, are the offers and proposed approaches rational?   

The place is attractive for investors, but none of the auctions has been successful yet.

New opportunities for the disposal of these facilities will appear thanks to Alexander Lukashenko’s orders. Knowledge-intensive high-tech production will be placed near Yakuba Kolasa Square.   

Andrei Gayev, chairman of State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Both the high-tech park and private investors will be developing the new area. There will be some new sports facilities, eateries here and so on, so that this part of Minsk corresponds to the most modern requirements.

The High Technologies Park in Minsk plans to invest 30 million Belarusian rubles in the development of the complex. The President ordered to adopt a single concept of buildings’ outer look. All the necessary decisions are already developed.