How much do Belarusians spend shopping?

How much do Belarusians spend shopping?

A lot of Turkish, Chinese and Belarusian goods are sold in Belarus. Nevertheless, it does not play a particular role for shopaholics. What do Belarusians buy and how much do they spend? Answers to these questions in the report of our correspondent Yana Shipko.

People obviously buy more goods on weekends.

Irina Mandrik, cashier:
People usually buy convenience goods, such as dairy, bread, something sweet. Average check amount is 100 Belarusian roubles, which is roughly $20.

Andris is from Latvia. He says Belarussian goods are always a good choice.

Andris Ozols, head of Latvian agency of investment and development:
My family enjoys sweets a lot, all kinds of them.

And for his wife Andris buys Belarusian cosmetic products.

Andris Ozols:
All Latvians like natural goods. That is why I got this for my wife.

Grocery shopping is a sacred ritual for Belarusians. It is not easy to rule out your eating habits.

However, statistics has it that Belarusians eat healthy food more these days. They buy more fruits and vegetables, oats and mineral water. Household chemicals and baby stuff are quite popular expense items, too.

Natalya Yermak:
As a rule, every two-three days we shop big and spend around 150 roubles.

Today you can buy even Italian ciabatta in Belarus. And it is impossible to tell the difference if you are eating Belarusian parmigiano with your eyes closed.

Alexander Moyseyuk, Pruzhany dairy factory, top marketing specialist:
The only difference is milk. We use Belarusian milk; they use Alpine milk.

Marcin Piotrowski is as popular in Poland as Jamie Oliver in the UK. He tried cheese from Pruzhany.

Marcin Piotrowski, chief (Poland):
Belarusian cheese is of good quality. It is up to world standards. Honestly, I would use Belarusian cheese in my restaurant.

Anastasya Kolesnik:
I like shopping. I am one of those who go to the store to buy a piece of soap and come back home with a new dress.

She visited all the fashion shows on Belarusian Fashion Week 2016. She would buy any dress she likes. Gabriela joined us for shopping. She is wearing a Belarusian coat.

Gabriela Feruzo, ambassador of Minsk expat club:
I adore this coat. It is cashmere. For this price I would never be able to buy something like that in Europe.

Andrey Karpunin, head of financial managers club:
Good thing is producer and seller’s competitiveness. It gave us the right to choose.