2016 Listapad festival results

2016 Listapad festival results

What are the results of International Minsk film Festival Listapad? Our correspondent Anastasia Benedisyuk has more on the topic.

Afterimage is a film by Andrzej Wajda nominated for Oscar. It tells us about a very hard life of one of the most famous modern avant-garde artists, Władysław Strzemiński, who is popular in Belarus, Russia and Poland.

He lost his arm, leg and eye. After that, he realized he could paint what he couldn’t see well, but at the same time he saw it even better than others. “Towards inspiration” is the slogan of the festival. The same is true for his life.

Zaza Urushadze, jury head, fiction film main competition (Georgia):
All the films deserved awards. We just didn’t have so many of them.

Alexander Efremov, National Artist of Belarus, film director:
The festival is getting truly elitist.

Gleb Kureichik, actor:
Such films are both for adults and children.

Anastasia Benedisyuk, correspondent:
The 23rd Listapad has already shown moviegoers 160 films from 50 countries: from Canada to Japan.

Famous Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté attended the closing ceremony of the festival.

Andrey Alferov, film press jury member (Ukraine):
The programme is very powerful.

Andrey was amazed by Belarusian folk music.

Hiroyuki Kurokawa, film director (Japan):
I like Minsk. It’s very calm. I guess it reflects the nature of your people.

Guests from China have given us a painting with hieroglyphics, written by Japan Prime Minister’s mother. There are 4 symbols in it: respect, greater respect, proximity and love.

The film Glory (Bulgaria, Greece) got the Audience Choice Award. The prize Silver Listapad in the nomination Film as an art was awarded to the painting Mimosa by Oliver Laksa. Finally, the best film of the Festival Listapad is Lily Lane (Hungary).

Laszlo Horvath, ambassador of Hungary to the Republic of Belarus:
I’m very pleased with the results. I’ll try to convey the atmosphere and this award.