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New Year tree 2016 in Belarus to be adorned with national ornament

Minsk is immersing in the New Year atmosphere with coming snow and holiday preparations in the city.

On November 9, works began on Lenina Street to decorate it with festive illumination.

These are white 'light rains' that will frame the 16 lamps along the boulevard. Also, bright garlands will appear on trees and office buildings. First decorated New Year trees have appeared in Minsk stores, while some shopping centers already have artificial New Year trees on sale.

The main New Year tree of the country will traditionally be located on Oktyabrskaya Square. It will be decorated with new dynamic lighting toys with elements of national ornament. This will be the first time such a design has been used.

Thanks to reflective materials, designers expect to make the tree glow not only at night but also during the day.

The New Year tree's frame on Oktyabrskaya Square will not change. The tree's height will be more than 30 meters.

It is expected that its installation will begin in late November. All in all, there will be installed 24 New Year trees in Minsk.

New Year tree in Belarus to be adorned with national ornament in 2016