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Belarus President concerned about agrotowns development

The President of Belarus demands to increase the level of the development of agrotowns in Belarus. On November 12, the president visited the Mogilev region and held a meeting on the development of agrotowns in the Orsha and Shklov districts.

In particular, they discussed proposals for further improvement of the production sector of several agricultural towns of the Shklov district with the creation of complex integrated structure based on local enterprises.

However, at the very beginning of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that this issue is much broader than the development of agriculture and territories in separate localities of the relevant districts.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Some time ago, we started the modernization of our agriculture. We passed a certain way. We started from nothing actually, and got some experience. And what we have done during this time, has allowed us to save the village. If we hadn’t done this work, our village would be deserted. We have kept the village and as far as possible, we preserved the village. And in agrotowns we transformed the village. And at this point today we have to look in the future. That is the main task. What will be the village tomorrow? What do we need to start doing today to have the village of tomorrow? That's the goal.

The whole 'power vertical' should be involved in the development of the village.

Alexander Lukashenko also mentioned the possibility to attract investors to this field.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We must involve investors. Let this be a private trader, or not, but he has to implement the plan. He should implement the idea of ​​an agricultural production, the future of the holding. It is good to have manufacturing and people but processing and marketing is also important. When the whole cycle is in the same hands then there is profit. Can we do that? Of course, we can. Thus, based on our last experience, we can piece together all the elements, establishing a new level of agricultural production and people and create a promising agricultural production. We can create the conditions for people to live in. And after that (or simultaneously), we have to do the same all over the country.

Alexander Lukashenko about agriculture and development of agrotowns