First mosque to open in Minsk November 11


First mosque to open in Minsk November 11

The history of the Minsk mosque began in the distant 16th century. Then it was located in present-day Dmitrova Street, near modern hotel Yubileiny. At the initiative of the head of the Tatar elder statesman, a small wooden building was constructed with a modest interior decoration and two halls for men and women.

Only at the beginning of the 20th century, a stone mosque appeared on this place. Unfortunately, after 30 years of the Soviet regime, it was decided to reconstruct the building, and in 1961, it was completely destroyed.

Today, the faithful were returned their meetinghouse. The new Mosque in Minsk is ready for opening. It is located at the crossroads of Griboyedova Street and Ignatenko Street. In the vicinity of the magnificent new building, you can see two temporary rooms for prayers for men and women, as well as a small house for a bath.

Before us is a unique project of Minsk architects (please watch the video). The result of years of work is amazing.

The interior of the mosque is impressing. On the walls of the main prayers hall, you can see Koran excerpts, and on the domes paintings of incredible beauty.

Below the prayer hall are cozy rooms for meetings, classes and press conferences. Very soon children will be able here to watch educational films here, and their parents listen to fascinating lectures. Here, on the ground floor of the mosque, there is a library and several smaller rooms for guests.

On November 11, the mosque in Minsk will open the door for all Muslims. The opening ceremony will be attended by Turkey leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.