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Companies from China and Belarus intend to expand cooperation

Minsk these days has become a platform which presents more than 40 companies from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. This presentation is a logical continuation of Belarus' participation in the fifth exhibition China-Eurasia in the city of Urumqi.

China is among the top three trading partners of Belarus. This is confirmed by the bilateral trade figures. In 2015, Belarus-China trade amounted to more than $3 billion.

In many ways, this has been achieved thanks to the friendship between the two presidents. Thanks to Chinese capital, Belarus has implemented important projects in energy, transport, aerospace and construction sectors. State-owned companies and private businesses are also set to expand cooperation.

Zhang Wei, head of an engineering company:
Our company produces special vehicles for cleaning streets. We really want to find partners in Belarus. Especially because we know about your machine-building industry. For example, we know your MAZ trucks. This year, products of your company were presented at one of our exhibitions and we were able to get familiar with it. Quality is decent.

Companies from China and Belarus intend to expand cooperation