Donald Trump elected 45th USA President: what awaits Belarus


Donald Trump elected 45th USA President: what awaits Belarus

Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Trump won 289 votes against 219 got by Hillary Clinton.

By the way, the victory of the Republican leader was predicted in Belarus in the midst of the struggle for a place in the White House. What Belarus should expect from the US choice and how American people made this choice.

The fate of the Oval Office and the United States as a whole was defined by "swing states". Trump won almost in all of these states. It was a real surprise for the American elites who were used to dealing with the Democrats.

And now, if you believe the campaign promises of Trump, Hillary Clinton and her husband can expect prosecution for financial fraud. In the meantime, the odious Republican notes the difficult victory.

Donald Trump, 45th President of the USA:
I received a call from Clinton. She congratulated us on the victory. I congratulated Hillary and his family. It was a harsh fight. She was fighting till the end. But now it’s time to join our forces.

Donald Trump won despite the expectations and projections. He managed to shake up the traditional American society. The victory of Trump is nothing else than the evidence that Americans are tired of imposing stereotypes.

The presidential elections in the United States were watched around the world, including in Belarus. Head of State Alexander Lukashenko, responding to a reporter's question, during the parliamentary elections in Belarus, foreshadowed the victory of Donald Trump.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The society of the United States of America is not ready to elect a woman, even a woman as experienced as Clinton. Probably, It won’t be soon when such an experienced woman will nominate herself as a candidate. I mean that, at first, she was already close to the President of the United States of America, my best friend in the United States, Bill Clinton. We're really good friends, and now, when we meet somewhere, we are remembering past days. Therefore, she is already an experienced person, both in a negative and positive way. The White House knows it. That’s why, there won’t be such presidential candidate very soon. The United States is an empire where the military component is huge. Could a woman manage such a huge military potential of intelligence services, the CIA and so on? That is the question. Donald Trump has a very strong position now, and I think, based on the dynamics of the presidential race in the US, he can become the President.

Speaking before the newly elected parliament, Alexander Lukashenko did not hide the fact that Trump had been pressured by the existing political forces. However, the situation will changed after such outcome of the presidential race. Experts say that situation in the European region will change as well.

Pavel Potapeiko, political scientist:
This is a more positive scenario both for Belarus’ interests and the interests in the region, because the politics held by the previous administration wasn’t always rational and wasn’t always following America’s interests.

Grigory Ioffe, political scientist (USA):
It was sensational from beginning to end. Trump won due to his charisma, disregard for political correctness and ability to speak the language of ordinary people. Many people became enthusiastic. They thought that’s the person who could do something for people.

The American political surprise affected the whole world. The US dollar fell in the world’s stock markets on average by 4%. However, the price of gold increased by almost 5 points. Canada suddenly suffered from Americans. The immigration site of Canada was out of service due to the influx of Americans who learned the name of the new President. It should be noted that the electoral college will vote in December as the Constitution requires. The inauguration of the new Head of State will take place on January 20.