No plans for new hotels in Minsk in coming years


No plans for new hotels in Minsk in coming years

Minsk hotels are reducing prices for services. Over the past year, they have cut 20% off the prices on average. This is achieved through a system of bonuses. The number of hotel visitors has increased. 

Minsk now has 48 hotels and 5 official hostels.

By the way, there are no plans to build new hotels. This despite the fact that Minsk is preparing to host the 2019 European Olympic Games.

Yuri Natychko, Chief of the state institution "Management of residential and hotel services of the Minsk City Executive Committee":
A little over 40% of rooms in hotels are booked. We are talking about all the range of hotel business, from five-star hotels to hostels. We all have a question: we have built so many hotels, but who lives in them? But statistics is a stubborn thing. Having increased the number of rooms by 8%, we have a gain of 18%. 
There are two ways to develop the market: either we create infrastructure and then invite tourists or we let the traveler dictate infrastructure needs. We are trying to match these two directions.