Why does Belarus still adhere to Soviet traditions?

Why does Belarus still adhere to Soviet traditions?

Nowadays there are many communist countries. China, one of the mightiest countries in the world, is one of them. There are many soviet sights in Belarus as well.

Buildings of Stalinist architecture stretch over four kilometers from Nezavisimosti Avenue to Victory Square.

Each of them has their own myths and legends. The State Universal Store moved here 65 years ago.

Kristina Bugaenko, guide:
Goods from the GDR, France, Czechoslovakia and Poland were brought here. For the first time, only buyers that had VIP cards had an opportunity to enter the store. Soon, everyone who wanted could come here.

The first uniform of the famous Soviet department store sellers was  a black dress with a white collar.

How many legends are there about the KGB building! Or take the Government House that used to be the biggest building in Minsk. It had been built without using any machinery, manually.

Andrey Lenevich, the leading scientific member of the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus:
This museum was visited by such famous people as Fidel Castro and Josip Broz Tito.
Actually, Belarus is a unique country that doesn’t give up its past.

The Soviet era is different from ours.

The museums of the past have emerged in many countries, in particular in Belarus.

Nikolai Kurnosov, founder of a museum of the past:
At that time, the chemical food industry wasn’t so much developed and all products were natural.

Belarus is a unique country in many ways. Many of its commercial brands, and their taste, have remained.

Anatoly Akantinov, director general of Strategic Development Center:
It would be interesting and funny to show how people used to live, what they used to eat or do. The main thing is to make it interesting first of all for ourselves.

Why hasn’t such a tourist product gained popularity yet? Although many countries have been mulling it over for a long time.

Anatoly Akantinov, director general of Strategic Development Center:
Tourist industry is private business. Nevertheless the government shouldn’t stay away.

Soviet sculpture is a bright era symbol as well. Zair Azgur was a famous Belarusian sculptor, one of the authors of ten-meter high Stalin monument. He could catch the sight, mood and emotions and express them in his works.

The sculpture was really unique. Nevertheless, it disappeared soon. There’s a copy of the amazing sculpture in a Minsk museum. Here you can also find other copies of the famous sculptor’s works.

Vladimir Ilyich with a cap. The author is unknown. Such sculptures were widespread all over the Union.

Tamara Leligda, head of Minsk Tractor Plant ideological work bureau:
Our plant is inseparably connected with the name of Lenin. In the 1970s, it was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Belarus has its own history and we all should be proud of it. We have much to show and tell future Belarusians.