Vegetarians and meat eaters: who has it better?

Vegetarians and meat eaters: who has it better?

Historically, Belarusians eat meat and potatoes a lot. However, vegetarian diet is growing in popularity these days. Who lives more and who has it better? Anastasia Benedisyuk has the story.

The Adamovich family has a farmstead and cannot imagine their lives without meat. Even three-year-old Dasha loves it.

They eat meat of all kinds every day: pork, beef, and chicken.

Yulia Adamovich, Rzhavka agrotown resident:
In my opinion, all men are supposed to eat meat.

Natalya Lapchevskaya, sales assistant:
Meat is the best product: it contains protein and is essential for human body.

According to Natalya, meat is vital. However, meat makes up only 15-20% of the food Belarusians eat. “That is quite a vegetarian way of life,” she says.

Natalya Lapchevskaya, sales assistant:
Vegetarians were raised with mother’s milk – protein. And now they think they grew eating vegetables. Milk comes first, meat comes second. After that, you get to choose.

Meanwhile, Valeria made her choice eight years ago. She claims her body demands plant food. Eternal youth and beauty come with them. Here is one more myth: vegetarians live longer. Your lifespan depends on your lifestyle only. Neither meat nor vegetable food affect your life duration.

Natalya Davydova, dietarian:
For example: long-living people from Caucasia eat meat, Hungarians, however, are vegetarians.

Valeria Prokofyeva, vegetarian cuisine expert:
It did not take long to refrain from meat, I have always thought meat is a strange thing to eat. Now I feel great and healthy.

There are very few vegetarian cafés in Minsk. Valeria is a Vedic cuisine expert and visits one particular vegetarian café a lot. The owners of this place are vegetarians, unlike their daughter.

Yulia Sheleg, vegetarian café owner:
I was happy when we cooked our first lens cutlets.

Pankaj Saxena, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to the Republic of Belarus:
We make potato cutlets, I enjoy cooking them. Actually, I can cook anything. I had to learn cooking after I moved from India in 1984. I eat meat but prefer vegetable food.

The majority of population of India is vegetarian. The reasons behind it are climate and fruit and vegetable variety.

Pankaj Saxena, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to the Republic of Belarus:
Cabbage, pumpkin, marrow.

Anna Boris, sales assistant:
When it is spring we have everything and nothing is imported.

Doctor Neelam moved to Minsk nine years ago. According to him, Belarusian berries and marmalade are very popular among his relatives.

Dr. Neelam, general practitioner (India):
It differs in India from Belarus. There are days we eat meat, there are days we do not.

Archpriest Aleksander Shimbalev, parish cleric, Church of Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Minsk:
When it is fasting time we all have to abstain from some food and drinks, as we remember Juda’s betrayal of Lord Jesus Christ.

These are the rules of church. There are more than 200 days of fasting in the Orthodox calendar. According to the Holy Bible, God gave us vegetable food first and after the Great Flood we were allowed to eat meat.

By the way, Advent starts on November 28.

Alexei Budkevich:
I am not sure whether my diet suites anyone. However, you can try.

It is been three years since Alexei started experimenting with his diet. He practices fast. His only food is germinated seeds and anyone can get them in one of vegetarian stores. Behind the store counter is Vyacheslav. His biological age is 17, while in real life, he is 31.

Vyacheslav Ladoshkin, sales assistant:
There are 20g of protein in 1kg of tofu. It is equal to a piece of chicken but phytogenic.

Natalya Davydova, dietarian:
Unfortunately, plant food lacks vitamin B12. Nevertheless, there are plenty of mineral nutrients which prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, vegetarian diet is quite great for 40+ people.

Doctors claim women of reproductive age and kids cannot live without meat. And here is some more food for thought: in 2012 the WHO called vegetarianism a mental disease; three years later the same organization called meat a carcinogen.

In Belarus, vegetarian diet is becoming more and more popular every coming day. Nevertheless, it is not likely that meat is losing its popularity in Belarus either.