Fur animal hunting season opens in Belarus

Fur animal hunting season opens in Belarus

On November 5, fur animal hunting season started in Belarus. What animals can you hunt and how much does it cost? Correspondent Olga Petrashevskaya has details.

Vitaly Mikulenok, hound dog expert:
A hare can lead you anywhere trying to run away: to a farm, down the road or to another village.

From November 5, hunters will take with them their favorite dogs that have already passed the so-called hare search exam.

Vitaly Mikulenok, hound dog expert:
Generally, you will need about two or three million Belarusian rubles, provided that you have everything you need: a safe, a gun and ammunition.

By the way, there is a discount for those who don’t have enough money. As an experiment, animal tracking experts can be bound to a particular hunting ground to provide them with help. In return, they will get a hunting discount.

Yuri Shumsky, chairman of Belarusian Hunting and Fishing Association:
I used to build constructions, feed animals and protect all my free time. If hunting is prohibited, people will do it illegally. There are people who have nothing to eat, at the same time there are people who live well and drive expensive cars. I don’t understand it.

Igor Labutin, Slutsk district investigation office, Investigation Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Illegal hunting that caused aggravated damage leads to punishment of  about six years’ imprisonment.

Having learned that an elk walked into the field, one Belarusian hunter took a gun and shot the animal. Then he killed a wild boar. The meat was used for illegal trade. Now he is going to be sent to prison for poaching. Moreover, he will have to pay a big fine, which is not a big problem, according to him.

Those who go hunting with a registered gun should load it with shot-gun cartridges only. Buckshot bullets must be neither in the barrel nor in the car parked in the hunting territory. Breaking the rule one may forfeit a right to hunting.

Poachers usually hunt at the start of the season to blend in with legal hunters.

Vladimir Nester, head of Luban Flora and Fauna Protection Interregional Inspectorate:
Getting a permission for a legal killing of  fur species, one can shot the elk, the boar or the roe. If we start killing everything, there will not be wild world anymore. They have a right to live.

From November 5, you can also hunt the squirrel, marten, polecat, muskrat and American mink.

Yuri Samuylov, the leading engineer on wildlife service of Vileika Experimental Forestry:
Norwegian hunters have come to us this year. They ordered a helicopter and shot wolves from it.

Some houses have been rebuilt for foreign hunters, taking into consideration their potential requests.

Yuri Samuylov, the leading engineer on wildlife service of Vileika Experimental Forestry:
Germans like reading before going to bed. That’s why they may need a sconce, which also should be considered.

There’s also a sauna and a children’s playground within this hunter’s house for tourists.

Sergey Rukshta, hunter:
The gun always has to be in good technical condition.

In order not to be in trouble with the law, the gun should be kept in a safe. You also have to keep it in a case until you are on the hunt.

Sergey Rukshta, hunter:
My aim is to get a hare, because as a result I will get meat. Moreover, I’m not going to kill animals to get fur. I have no intention to kill for fun.

For some people, to get means to kill. For others, it means to track down and notice. Today people hunt to get money or to enjoy their passion.

While hounds and their Belarusian owners rank among the top three at important competitions, illegal field men act in accordance with the law and those very species just want to live. Such is hunting. Everyone has a bit more than one chance.